Saturday, January 13, 2018

Oprah 2020, Really?

Oprah gave a wonderful speech at the Golden Globes when she accepted her Cecil B. DeMille award.  Did any of us doubt that she would give a great speech, I mean that is what she does.  Surely none of us were surprised, were we.....  What perplexes me is out cry for Oprah 2020.  Listen I will not take anything away from Ms. Oprah Winfrey, she's paid her dues and deserves her respect.  However, why are we so enthralled with the thought of a celebrity holding office in this day and age.  Have we not learned a valuable lesson, do we not realize that you cannot put a person in that position of power and that person have zero experience or skill set for that particular position.  It requires more education, qualifications, skills, and knowledge to hold entry level positions in this great nation but you can be the President of these United States and not know how to spell (that is not directed at Ms. Winfrey, clearly).  You can be a complete idiot and basically to run for president, you only need be 35 years of age, a natural born U.S. citizen and have 14 years of residency and few other minimal requirements......  We really need to tighten this up, not anyone should be able to run for president.  You need to have qualifications, some experience in politics, a mental health evaluation, and be educated, to what degree, we can discuss those particulars later.  We are so submersed in fame and celebrity in America that we can't see the light for the darkness.  Let's focus more on getting America to the top in education, economics, and overall health and less on getting a person in office because we like what he/she has to say.  'Oh such and such made a great speech, had some great points on how to fix America, lets vote for him/her even if he/she has absolutely zero qualifications.'  This is the mindset and it is scary.  

Listen, this is in no way directed at Oprah Winfrey this is directed at people who think it's cool to want to vote someone into office or support someone's run for presidency just because you like what they say.  My first job ever was at McDonald's, I went in there crushed the interview, the manager liked everything I had to say but she went a step further before hiring me and asked, "how are your customer service skills and have you ever operated a cash register?"  Point being, you need some specific qualifications and experience for most jobs you apply for.  Why would you not need those things to become president.  The President of the United States, that should be the hardest job to qualify for and get.  The hardest, it should be so stringent to get that job only a person with years of education, knowledge, skills and a clear record of sound mental health and moral integrity would even want to apply.

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