Monday, July 21, 2008

While I Was Out!

First of all you will be pleased to know there were absolutely no huge fights during my family reunion over the weekend, small tiffs but nothing much to write about. It was a great time indeed.

Now back to business, while I was out Britney Spears and Kevin Federline finally reached an agreement in their custody case. Kevin will have full custody of the children, while Britney is allowed reasonable visitation including overnight stays. This is interesting considering she has been doing so much better, but I think the courts made a wise decision and hopefully Britney will get back to her old self and get custody back sometime in the future. See that K-Fed didn't turn out to be such a bad guy after all, right?

Jessica Simpson was booed at her first country music concert over the weekend. Jessica opened for Sara Evans on Saturday at the Country Thunder USA festival in Randall, Wisconsin. The reviews were mixed with some booing and clapping during her performance. This chick should just stick to being an entrepreneur. While she has an amazing voice, she is just not a great performer. You either have IT or you don't, let's face it she don't.

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