Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sharp Objects, HBO Series vs. Book

So I finally finished the Sharp Objects series on HBO, I made it a point to finish the book before I watched the series.  I have to applaud HBO because the series stays true to the book, well almost.  The series was a little drawn out but that is understandable because it takes a lot to stretch a book that could be a 2 hour movie into an 8 episode series.  I will say although the series was a little dry and drawn out, for some reason it did keep my attention.  My only disappointment was the ending, the book spelled out the ending a little more than the series did.  But...maybe there will indeed be a season 2.  Maybe that is why they left the ending in the series up to interpretation, or maybe it is what it is, a cheated ending.  I mean, as long as that series was, HBO definitely had plenty of time to make sure the ending was more defined and I am curious to know why they didn't.  Overall the book was definitely better than the series, however the series was good as well and if you are not a book reader, the series is good for those who enjoy good suspense!  We give the series a 3.5 and the book a 4 out of 5.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Why The Cartoon of Serena Williams is Racist

I wanted to stay out of this because it is hard not to feel passionate about how our people have been treated for hundreds of years.  It is crazy to think that the Herald Sun would minimize (in this day and age) the backlash that was received from Mark Knight's depiction of Serena Williams during the US Open final.  Mr. Knight defended himself against backlash claiming the depiction was not racist, he stated it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with the so called tantrum (it's called passion when white male tennis players behave this way) that Serena threw.  The Herald Sun went on to minimize the entire thing as the world being too PC (politically correct).

This is what it really is, it wasn't just a cartoon it was a minstrel cartoon.  If you are not black and or an educated compassionate human being you don't care what a minstrel cartoon depiction disguised as satire really is.  Mark Knight and the Herald Sun don't care about how those minstrel depictions affected Black Americans.  Either they are not educated about the minstrel shows that dehumanized and degraded Black Americans or they just don't care.  At some point you care or you don't, if you don't care you might be a racist.  You might think you can do that to a Black Woman, a Black American Athlete because you think less of her.  No matter her accomplishments you can depict her this way because either, you don't care or your ignorant to what the depiction really is.  It was a minstrel cartoon dug up from the grave to oppress Serena Williams and make her feel bad about herself.  Plain and simple and the fact that Mark Knight and the Herald Sun is defending this minstrel depiction makes them what...  The fact that Americans and educated people around the world are disgusted by this depiction makes us what...

Stop using the excuse of the world is too PC, everyone is too sensitive.  That's not an excuse for blatant racism.  Mark Knight knew what he was doing, the Herald Sun knew what they were doing.  It is just another form of oppression that Black Americans have suffered for hundreds of years and continue to suffer.  We here at Nina Monroe are by no means saying that Mark Knight should not have drawn a cartoon depicting Serena Williams' so called tantrum, a tasteful cartoon could have been quite funny to some.  But that cartoon was drawn to do exactly what it did, it was up and down minstrel and Mark Knight and the Herald Sun would be wise to become educated on the difference.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Oprah 2020, Really?

Oprah gave a wonderful speech at the Golden Globes when she accepted her Cecil B. DeMille award.  Did any of us doubt that she would give a great speech, I mean that is what she does.  Surely none of us were surprised, were we.....  What perplexes me is out cry for Oprah 2020.  Listen I will not take anything away from Ms. Oprah Winfrey, she's paid her dues and deserves her respect.  However, why are we so enthralled with the thought of a celebrity holding office in this day and age.  Have we not learned a valuable lesson, do we not realize that you cannot put a person in that position of power and that person have zero experience or skill set for that particular position.  It requires more education, qualifications, skills, and knowledge to hold entry level positions in this great nation but you can be the President of these United States and not know how to spell (that is not directed at Ms. Winfrey, clearly).  You can be a complete idiot and basically to run for president, you only need be 35 years of age, a natural born U.S. citizen and have 14 years of residency and few other minimal requirements......  We really need to tighten this up, not anyone should be able to run for president.  You need to have qualifications, some experience in politics, a mental health evaluation, and be educated, to what degree, we can discuss those particulars later.  We are so submersed in fame and celebrity in America that we can't see the light for the darkness.  Let's focus more on getting America to the top in education, economics, and overall health and less on getting a person in office because we like what he/she has to say.  'Oh such and such made a great speech, had some great points on how to fix America, lets vote for him/her even if he/she has absolutely zero qualifications.'  This is the mindset and it is scary.  

Listen, this is in no way directed at Oprah Winfrey this is directed at people who think it's cool to want to vote someone into office or support someone's run for presidency just because you like what they say.  My first job ever was at McDonald's, I went in there crushed the interview, the manager liked everything I had to say but she went a step further before hiring me and asked, "how are your customer service skills and have you ever operated a cash register?"  Point being, you need some specific qualifications and experience for most jobs you apply for.  Why would you not need those things to become president.  The President of the United States, that should be the hardest job to qualify for and get.  The hardest, it should be so stringent to get that job only a person with years of education, knowledge, skills and a clear record of sound mental health and moral integrity would even want to apply.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why can't Colin Kaepernick and Brandon Marshall protest

Nina Monroe was under the distinct impression that this was America.  Why are people so irate about these peaceful demonstrations by athletes.  Aren't we allowed to passionately express how we feel about social inequality in a peaceful manner.  These athletes have stated clearly they are not against America or the flag so why are people taking it there,  Is it because of who they are, they are not out there burning flags or spewing hate towards America.  They are simply taking a knee during the National Anthem.  An anthem that is not even sang in its entirety.  The challenge for all the people who have made negative comments, burned jerseys, or taken away endorsements.  The challenge is for you to read the National Anthem in its entirety.  Find out about the beliefs of the man who wrote it and then ask yourselves is this what OUR America believes in now in 2016.  NOT saying we should all be in protest of the National Anthem, just saying  base your opinions in knowledge not ignorance.  It is simply ignorant to try and say how people should protest just because that's how YOU would protest.  There is no malice in what they are doing, they are simply expressing their rights to stand up for what they believe in.  Would Nina Monroe protest this way, probably not but they have a right to feel how they feel and express their frustrations in this manner.

Why is the media drawing so much attention to this, is it because of who they are?  The klu klux klan can protest on the steps of every capital building across the Nation and you would never hear about it.  But let an athlete, who loves his country but hates the injustice, take a knee and it's front page news for weeks.  If you really educate yourself and realize that a lot of the traditions America was founded on were founded during a time when the Nation was immersed in slavery.  This is not taught in history classes in America   Maybe this is why people don't have a realistic education in the true history of America.  This could be the the reason why we are seeing this reaction to what these athletes are doing, which is their absolute right, in AMERICA.  There is no doubt about it, racism is still alive and well, social injustice is still alive and well.  What these athletes are doing should not take the focus away from WHY they are doing it.  It's been spun to distract us from the real issue, do not be fooled and do not lose focus.  These issues are real and people should be able to peacefully protest as well as take action to make sure that all Americans are treated equally and justly in all situations.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beyonce criticized while Donald Trump gets a pass........

Because I am a busy person and not a professional blogger I have remained silent on soooooo many issues.  Things that I have had opinions about but have chosen to hold my tongue, but on this I cannot!  Donald Trump has been saying the most denigrating, disrespectful, bigoted things about so many people but he has gotten a pass.  A pass why......because in 2015/2016 racism is still very much alive.  It is buried deep in the hand shakes and the congratulations and the thank yous but it is there non-the-less.  It is there and they want to keep it in the background but real recognizes real, we see it for what it is.  A hidden taboo that no one wants to believe still exists 400 years later.  They keep it hidden and the minute we, minorities, express our love for who we are, who our ancestors were, what we have become.  As soon as we express that love, mind you we don't denigrate anyone else, but as soon as we express the love for who we are, who our ancestors were, embrace our culture, we are condemned and called racist.

There is nothing racist in what Beyonce did at half time during Superbowl 50, she simply embraced her love for being black, African American, or whatever they call us now because they don't consider us Americans, still, now, in 2016.  She embraced her love for who she is and that was called racist.  Really, do your research and realize what we as a people suffered for 400 years and then get back to me.  We are not allowed to embrace who we are but Donald Trump, out on the campaign trail running for president can spew the most hateful bigoted words and he gets a pass.  American people your true colors are showing, be careful because America is in every since of the word a melting pot.  Don't let those colors shine so bright because we see you, not just black people but minorities all across the nation.  You are happy as long as we are submissive, complacent, and allow you to have control.  But this is not your world, a higher power controls this and your inadequacies should not mean the oppression of others.  Get over yourselves and embrace the power of artistic expression and really acknowledge the fact that while Beyonce's message was a message of self awareness and empowerment.  Donald Trump's expression has been bigotry at it's finest, he has been given a pass because he is a white rich male in America and the words he has spewed against minorities and women have been deplorable but yet he gets a pass.

Beyonce has not disrespected one person in Formation or during the halftime show but she is boycotted.........really because she embraced who she is and believes like so many of us that all people should be treated the same, with respect and dignity.  In 2016 minorities still have to express ourselves and have to believe in ourselves because people so like Mr. Giuliani believe that us embracing our blackness means disrespecting other races and cultures and that is just not true.  He showed his ignorance and so have others who don't understand or are uneducated to what is really being proclaimed.  We forgive you for that but we ask you to take another look.  Minorities don't dislike cops or white people, minorities dislike injustice, intolerance, ignorance, and anyone who believes we cannot express ourselves because we are other than white, not black but other than white.  So I implore you all, get educate, know American history and understand what the artist or anyone is trying to express before you judge, living in that ivory castle that you have lived in for hundreds of thousands of years.


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