Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hurricane Season On DVD

I actually watched the movie Hurricane Season last night and I enjoyed it, it had the same feel as Remember The Titans or Glory Road or any of those types of movies. It is about overcoming obstacles, which is always a great message. I love these kinds of movies because it tells a story without using heavy violence or sex, it just tells the story. Forrest Whitaker did his thang as usual, his performance was outstanding. Mr. Shad Moss of course did his thang, I love him as an actor and I wish he would do more movies. Ms. Taraji can never do any wrong, love her in everything she does. I think the entire cast did an amazing job, it was very believable. I wish the movie were a little longer and got more in depth with the characters but over all it was a good movie. Please go get the DVD and support this movie, it has a great message with some really great acting!

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