Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why Are People Still Questioning Bow Wow's Money??

Here we are rapidly approaching 2010 and I just saw on a blog in which it was stated that Tim Westwood was questioning Soulja Boy over Bow Wow's supposedly rented Lamborghini. How long ago did this get settled, isn't this old news. My only thought is if someone can afford to rent or lease a Lambo for over 4 years then they obviously have the money to do so. People, does it really matter if he owns or leases/rents his Lambo, the man obviously has money, he is rich no question about it so who cares really.

Being knowledgeable on property that depreciates and property that appreciates, it makes more sense to lease any car as they depreciate as soon as you drive off the lot. No one worth their net worth would purchase a car that is going to be obsolete in a year for that amount of money. That is why rappers go broke and people like Warren Buffet stay rich, do the math. It is far better to have billions to give away to charity than to have millions to go broke trying to prove to others you have the money to buy a Lamborghini.

I wish these rappers would buy an education once they get some money, imagine all the people they could put through college, themselves included, instead of blowing their money on depreciating property. Help some people with that money or pull a Sir Richard Branson and buy a f*cking Island and then maybe I'll be impressed!

So for all those who want to know about rented/leased Lambos, take a f*cking Money Management/Investment class or something do something meaningful in the New Year because Bow Wow has obviously done a good job of holding on to his money so stop worrying about if his Lambo is rented/leased, worry about your own financial status.

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