Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why can't Colin Kaepernick and Brandon Marshall protest

Nina Monroe was under the distinct impression that this was America.  Why are people so irate about these peaceful demonstrations by athletes.  Aren't we allowed to passionately express how we feel about social inequality in a peaceful manner.  These athletes have stated clearly they are not against America or the flag so why are people taking it there,  Is it because of who they are, they are not out there burning flags or spewing hate towards America.  They are simply taking a knee during the National Anthem.  An anthem that is not even sang in its entirety.  The challenge for all the people who have made negative comments, burned jerseys, or taken away endorsements.  The challenge is for you to read the National Anthem in its entirety.  Find out about the beliefs of the man who wrote it and then ask yourselves is this what OUR America believes in now in 2016.  NOT saying we should all be in protest of the National Anthem, just saying  base your opinions in knowledge not ignorance.  It is simply ignorant to try and say how people should protest just because that's how YOU would protest.  There is no malice in what they are doing, they are simply expressing their rights to stand up for what they believe in.  Would Nina Monroe protest this way, probably not but they have a right to feel how they feel and express their frustrations in this manner.

Why is the media drawing so much attention to this, is it because of who they are?  The klu klux klan can protest on the steps of every capital building across the Nation and you would never hear about it.  But let an athlete, who loves his country but hates the injustice, take a knee and it's front page news for weeks.  If you really educate yourself and realize that a lot of the traditions America was founded on were founded during a time when the Nation was immersed in slavery.  This is not taught in history classes in America   Maybe this is why people don't have a realistic education in the true history of America.  This could be the the reason why we are seeing this reaction to what these athletes are doing, which is their absolute right, in AMERICA.  There is no doubt about it, racism is still alive and well, social injustice is still alive and well.  What these athletes are doing should not take the focus away from WHY they are doing it.  It's been spun to distract us from the real issue, do not be fooled and do not lose focus.  These issues are real and people should be able to peacefully protest as well as take action to make sure that all Americans are treated equally and justly in all situations.



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