Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mother Of All Mothers, Candy Spelling Buys A Condo

Candy Spelling's pockets just got $45 million dollars lighter. She just purchased a Condo in Los Angeles that won't be ready to move into for another year or two. Call Ms. Nina crazy but isn't it sad that Ms. Spelling can shell out 45 million for a Condo but she can't give her daughter, Tori Spelling, enough money to live on so she doesn't have to pimp herself out on reality shows and in books. Being a mother I could never see myself not taking care of my children no matter how pissed off I was at them.

Now I can understand Ms. Spelling wanting her kids to work for a living, if that is the case, but Tori has been working as an actress since she was a little girl so she does work, hard I might add. Currently Tori has her oxygen reality show, she will be reprising her roll as Donna Martin on the 90210 spin off this fall, she has a best selling book, a jewelry line and another book in the works. Although Tori and her brother Randy inherited the same amount of money, which is pennies compared to what they should have gotten, Randy still reaps the benefits of being Candy's favorite. These rich people are all crazy if you ask me they need to find some happiness cuz money sure aint it!

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