Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Obama Family Covers People

The weekly magazine People has the Obama Family on the August 4th cover. Inside the mag. Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama talks about the families set routines, including the $1.00 a week allowance his daughters receive for doing their chores.

While most people think a $1.00 for allowance is nothing that's $1.00 more than I pay my kids. I figure I pay for the cell phones, the clothes, the shoes, food, etc. why should I have to pay them to do their chores. I do pay them for extra things they do for me like watch their baby brother or do research or typing on the computer for me. Aside from blogging I have a full time job and two businesses that I run so they help me with the home office stuff, they get paid for that but not for chores no way. What a gorgeous family.

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