Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shia LeBeouf Hits The List!

Shia LeBeouf hit the Hollywood the long list of celebs arrested for DUI, not a good look, early Sunday morning. Shia was involved in a collision that overturned his SUV he was treated for minor injuries and arrested. His passenger, friend and costar in the upcoming Transformers 2 Isabel Lucas was also treated for minor injuries.

AP Photo/Dan Steinberg, Jeffrey Mayer/

When are the ever going to learn, this is not Shia's first run in with the law and it is no secret that he has indulged in drinking and a little mary jane. Hopefully the hotness that is Mr. LeBeouf will indulge in some rehab, after all it is the new black in Hollywood so no need to be embarrassed. Get the help baby or get a driver, there is never a reason to drive while you abilities are impaired.

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