Friday, August 29, 2008

Recovering From The DNC

I am not my usual self today so I will not post as much as I usually do. I am still recovering from the big party, aka, The Democratic National Convention, that took place from Monday until the wee hours of this morning. The celebs, the events, the speeches, I had a blast this week hanging with the celebs and partying it up. If you missed Barack Obama's speech, contrary to what the haters say it was a very moving, intelligent and inspiring speech. He put it all out there and he is not trying to one up anyone. He has told the American people what he wants to do, so now we can all just sit back and see what McCain is going to say when he gives his speech next week. Make your decisions based on what you think the candidate can do for you and this country. Make informed decisions people.

I digress, it is Friday, so happy Friday. Oh heck y'all know the drill, be safe, drink responsibly and all that! It's a long weekend so no DUI's!

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