Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ciara On The Cover Of Vibe

I usually put the monthly covers to the side for your enjoyment, however, today I have to post about this Vibe cover with a butt ass naked Ciara on it. So is this the reason a talented artist like Robin Thicke could not get the cover of Vibe, because I would hate to think that Mr. Thicke’s statements about Vibe not putting him on the cover because he is white are true. I would hope that it was just a miscommunication on Vibe’s part. While neither excuse would satisfy me, I just don’t get why Ciara is on the cover of Vibe butt ass naked, this is not freakin’ Playboy magazine this is Vibe. I am a subscriber of Vibe and I would hope that they are an Equal Opportunity magazine. With that being said, WTF is up with Ms. Ci Ci, I try very hard to respect everybody’s hustle but this just blows my mind. She is beyond the point were this would be necessary because she has already established her career. I just don’t get why women feel it necessary to put their naked or damn near naked asses on the covers of magazines. Maybe it’s me, maybe I am just a prude but this cover is really disheartening to me and I would much rather be looking at the sexy white chocolate that is Mr. Robin Thicke. No disrespect to Ms. Ciara but in my opinion this is just not a good look, I mean I always saw her as one of the one’s that would not conform to this type of publicity. Don’t get me wrong I understand that women want to feel and be seen as sexy but taking your clothes off for a magazine doesn’t make you sexy, it just makes you naked. I won’t overlook the fact that her body is crazy mad sick and she is a beautiful girl, I’m sure the fellas and some of the ladies love this cover, but for me it just goes too far. I don’t know if it is bothering me so much because it is Ciara, who I never saw as the do anything for publicity type of girl. It’s kind of weird because since the breakup with Bow Wow she has gone in this sex it up direction and I don’t like it at all, but I guess it’s not for me to like. Maybe it is bothering me because Vibe chose to stick this on the cover instead of a talented artist such as Robin Thicke. I don’t know but this cover is definitely bothering me. It just seems as though in today’s market, for a woman, it doesn’t matter how much talent you have as long as you don’t have a problem with taking your clothes off or shakin’ your ass you can be a star. I just think it’s so sad women feel they have to stoop to this for attention. Sorry about the preachy speech but I just had to get that off my mind!

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