Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck May Have Stepped In It!

The net is buzzing about Elisabeth Hasselbeck slamming Michelle Obama for not wanting to answer certain questions during her appearance on the view and she gave praise to Cindy McCain for allowing any question to be asked during her appearance. First I would have to say that if Mrs. Obama didn’t want to discuss certain things than that is her prerogative, I don’t hold that against her on anyone else who appears on the show. If Mrs. McCain wants to answer every question under the sun then that is her prerogative. But no one should be put on blast like that for not wanting to answer questions, and was that information that Mrs. Hasselbeck was suppose to reveal? I think she has put her foot in her mouth so many times and this time it may come back to kick her in the ass. I don’t think you can disclose that type of information because many times there are confidentiality forms that are signed by the guest and the networks. We will see how this plays out for Mrs. Hasselbeck. I personally get extremely irritated with her because we all know she is a republican and her constant display of that is a little overwhelming at times. While we know she is the only republican on the panel the other ladies at least try to be objective when discussing politics. Mrs. Hasselbeck shows no objectivity and she is constantly trying to justify everything republicans do. I really believe that if republicans went out and started hanging people today she would try to justify it. It’s ridiculous the lengths this woman goes to to assert her republicanness (I know that’s not a word). She is overbearing, irritating and sometimes ignorant on the issues she is discussing. She is very na├»ve and sometimes she should just sit back and really listen instead of going so hard for her party of choice. I think we should get rid of all this democrat republican nonsense and just start electing people based on what they can do for America. In reality if we can’t even stop the segregation within the White House, how are we supposed to become one America? I don’t care if you are a democrat or a republican if you can change the current war in Iraq, economic, educational and health care situations in American I will vote for you! My mom always told me there are three things you never discuss in public, religion, politics and money. I think the ladies on The View should find some other hot topics and leave the politics to the politicians because Mrs. Elisabeth may be in some hot water this time around.


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