Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bow Wow Has A New Toy And I Want It!

Okay, I was on twitter this morning and Bow Wow posted a picture of his new Can-Am Spyder, sorry I couldn't get his original pic, I'm having issues. I fell in love with this bike, some of my guy friends have motorcycles and they always take me for rides and I love it. I have been wanting to get a motorcycle for as long as I can remember but knowing how I drive and my need for speed I have decided against it. After seeing the Can-Am I have to have it, it looks a little safer than a regular motorcycle and I just love it. I am going to be checking into getting one of these believe me when I say it. Thank you Bow Wow!

Speaking of Bow Wow have you all heard the mix tape singles he's been droppin'?? I just heard Break It Down the other day and I have to say I am impressed, keep up the good work. Sorry guys I can't link anything right now because I am on this netbook and for some reason it just isn't working right today.


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