Monday, September 15, 2008

Politics As Usual

Here I go again with the politics forgive me but it is important so these next few months I will blog about what I am observing in this dirty game that is Decision 08. I was watching CNN over the weekend in regards to the campaigning that is going on for this years presidential election and they kept showing the polls and McCain has a slight lead over Obama. Speculation is that the Sarah Palins VP nomination has won over white women and they are now jumping on the band wagon of Senator John McCain, it strikes me as interesting since I still haven't really heard anything impressive from Senator McCain or Govenor Palin. I remember hearing many people telling the African American community not to just vote for Senator Barack Obama because he is an African American, but rather vote in regards to the platform he is running on. Why isn't someone telling the white women who have decided to give their votes to John McCain because he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate and aren't we suppose to be voting for who we want as President and not who we want as VP. Is anyone going to vote this year on the best choice for this country or is it all going to be about race and gender. Sarah Palin was out campaigning over the weekend by herself and time and time again she gave the same speech she gave at the RNC. It's old news, what are you going to do for me and my family and friends that are living pay check to pay check? People that can't put food on the table every night for their kids, what are you going to do? People that have to choose between buying food and putting gas in their car to go to work the next, what are you going to do? People, especially children, that don't have health care, what are you going to do. The billions of dollars we are spending in Iraq, while they hold onto their billions of dollars and gain interest in an American bank, what are you going to do? I'm not telling you who to vote for I am telling you to do your research and make your decision based on the facts and not based on race or gender. It will be a mistake to vote for someone just to spite the other candidate because you put all of America at risk. Haven't we had enough????

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