Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nina Monroe Says........President Barack Obama Is Black!

Y'all know I don't get on this thing at all on the weekends let alone at this time in the morning. My girlfriends and I have just concluded an intense discussion about why people are saying Barack Obama is not black. Let me just drop knowledge on y'all for a second, slaves that were brought here either went to the Europeans or the Indians and the race got mixed down from there, so in this day and age if you are saying Barack is not black, than none of us are black unless we are straight out of Africa, 1st generation. Let me enlighten y'all, during slavery the masters had it bad for the black female slaves so when they had children it became a rule that if you had one drop (1 quarter) of black blood you were considered black. This was done so that the mixed children of slaves would not receive any of the benefits of being white, although they were allowed to work in the main house they were still considered black and not white. Therefore the President of the United States is black, he is half white and half black but keeping to the way white people made it in the first place he is black. It trips me out how white people change the rules to benefit themselves. My ancestry consists of Irish, African American and Native American, but because the color of my skin I am black. Why is that? The same reason the President is black that's how. Get it straight and don't try to change the rules now, y'all should have been trying to change that ish back in the day when slaves was slaves. My ancestors were slaves to Cherokee and Choctaw Indians but I ain't trying to say "oh I'm Native American" I got roll numbers and all but because somebody in my lineage was black, I'm black and it is what it is get over it. The President is BLACK end of story, ask him about! I'm not saying he is not white, but he is black get what I'm saying.

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