Saturday, February 28, 2009

BOW WOW Is The Hot Sauce!!!

I don't usually post on the weekends unless I just feel the urge and I know all the other blogs are doing the Chris and Rihanna thang but I have to post this because I'm a huge Bow Wow fan for many reasons. I'm loving You Can Have It All right now, especially because of the TLC throwback, however, I downloaded the Half Man, Half Dog Vol. 2 earlier today, my girls came over we had drinks and danced hard to that shit for the past three hours. I mean over and over we played it. We had a Mile High shake off in my living room, asses bouncing every where. I know I'm not the rap aficionado but I love to dance and anything that can make me dance that hard and sweat that much is a good thang. I still don't get why people hate on Bow Wow so much and why people don't give him his props. He has lasted longer than any child star I know of, I mean he has been in the game continuously non-stop. If anyone can name one child star who has done that I will gladly turn in my TEAM BOW WOW T-shirt right now!

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