Thursday, March 5, 2009

PSA For Abusers And Their Victims

I think it is such a sad occasion when victims of abuse return to their abuser without even trying to get any type counseling. I am a strong believer in forgiveness and love but I also believe in being in a healthy state, physically and mentally. The words I am sorry do not cure emotional and physical abuse. I think when the victim returns he/she is telling their abuser that it is OK to use me as your personal punching bag because I know you will say sorry and the relationship will be right again. Not only is the victim hurting themselves by returning but they are hurting their abuser because that person needs psychological treatment and they will never get it as long as their victim/victims stay. Eventually someone ends up dead or in jail and that is how it always turns out, there are only three options: leave (for me this is the only option), stay someone dies, stay and someone ends up in jail. If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship do everything in your power to get the victim and the abuser the help they so desperately need.


Nina Monroe

Mr. Usher Raymond was not wrong in making the clear observation that everyone in their right mind had also made. Why would anyone suggest that Mr. Raymond need to apologize for that??

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