Monday, August 25, 2014

VMA's Digested

Lately I have live tweeted during award shows but I thought I would digest the VMAs overnight just to see what stood out to me.  First and foremost Beyonce murdered that stage, she is a true performer and that body, oh my!  Now that's how you rock a REAL booty, that's what a booty should look like, not fake and lopsided (shade no shade).  Usher danced his behind off as usual, not really a fan of the song but I always love to see Usher dance, another true performer.  Jesse J and Ariana Grande, that song, love it, those ladies can sang, would love the song even more if Nicki Minaj wasn't on it.  The ladies were definitely peddling the flesh, some of it was trashy and some of it was classy!  Jesse J, classy way to peddle that flesh and those legs!

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora, I was into it, I liked that performance way more than I liked Nicki Minaj's Anaconda performance.  Sam Smith is the truth, Taylor Swift is like a beautiful shiny red delicious apple but when you cut it open it's rotten to the core and smells like death.  Sorry to be so harsh but that is just the impression I get from her, however I could be wrong.  Maroon 5, always a pleasure!  Winners and nominations I had no problem everyone was deserving, however I thought Wrecking Ball was two years old how did it win video of the year?  Best dressed hands down was Blue Ivy with Jennifer Lopez close second, but JLO looked a little dry, hair and skin, all that money honey you should never look dehydrated, spray some mist or something.

Now if I didn't mention it, it didn't make an impression after digestion, just saying!

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