Sunday, November 16, 2014

What Did We Really Expect From Lifetime's Aaliyah Biopic

First let me start by saying no one cast for the movie would have done Aaliyah justice.  I don't know where you would find anyone who embodied that magic that lived within her, let alone come close to resembling her.  Aaliyah had a look, sound, and movement that was all her own, designed specifically for her, it can never be duplicated.  With that being said, the movie was a Lifetime movie and typical of what you would expect to see from a Lifetime movie.  The Twitterverse was set on fire last night when the movie aired and I noticed in particular that people were uneasy about the casting.  As I stated before no one could have done Ms. Aaliyah Dana Haughton justice. But let's think about it, how often do they get it right with casting biopics that are made for television, occasionally but not often right.  Sometimes they get it right but often times the person never really looks the way we think they should look or how we remember them looking.  Now had the movie gone to the big screen, well the money is there and that is way more times than not they get it right.  

Many people were tweeting that the movie should have gone to the big screen.  I can agree with that but when biopics hit the big screen you know that whoever wrote that script dug up the dirt for the movie.  It's usually done tastefully but do we really think Aaliyah's family would want that for her.  The movies that hit the big screen are usually backed by the family or someone with close ties to the dearly departed.  Without the backing of the family I don't see how any biopic of Aaliyah would be successful.  The family has always been against a movie about her life so for that reason this is what you get, a straight to television Lifetime original.  No disrespect intended but for those of us who watch Lifetime originals religiously, the actors are not always the best and the scripts are sometimes subpar but its Lifetime what did the audience really expect.

P.S. Alexandra Shipp is a talented young actress and we hope that the criticism from the movie does not dissuade her in her future endeavors.

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