Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black Men's Game vs. White Men's Game!!

I am a person who is very aware that I am a black woman; however, I love people of every race and I don’t discriminate. With that being said I can’t help but notice how different the techniques for black men are from white men when they are trying to hit on me. I am around business men and women for most of my day and I get hit on by both sexes. I have to tell you that the black men are much more aggressive with it, they will just come out and ask you “what’s up,” we all know what that means. The white men that hit on me however are much more reserved, they will be really nice to me and ask me if I need anything and they’ll try and buy me gifts, which I don’t except from clients. It’s crazy because ultimately they all want something they can’t have but it trips me out how differently they go about trying to get it. Mind you these men are all from the same social class so it has nothing to do with where they come from or how they were raised. I’m just wondering if other women have had the same experiences with this subject that I have had and which technique do you think is better. In other words, Whose Got Game?????

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