Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trey Songz Is Too Sexy????

My girls and I where having a conversation last night about how fine, super sexy guys are usually stuck up. One of my friends said she happened to meet Trey once backstage at a concert and he was really stuck up. She said he was really rude and that most fine, sexy guys are stuck up ( and no my friend is not ugly, she kinda looks like Lauren London but she has blue eyes). I tried to explain to my friend that maybe he was tired after the show or maybe she went backstage with the pretense of being a groupie and when it was discovered that she wasn't giving anything up attitudes changed. You can't imagine how many times guys have been rude to me after I tell them they can't get it. But anyway whatever the reason I have to say I actually met Trey once and he was really nice so I am trying to dispell the myth that all fine guys or fine girls for that matter are stuck up. I don't care if that a$$ is stuck up or not Trey Songz is sexy and fine as hell!!!!

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