Friday, May 15, 2009

What's With The Desperate Ass Dudes On Twitter

I guess since it is Friday I can take this opportunity to share a crazy Twitter story. I really don’t understand why these dudes on Twitter are so damn dehydrated. I had been going back and forth with this guy on twitter over some BS. It started out with us talking about cooking eggs and he made a comment that got onto another subject so I commented back and all of a sudden he wanted a picture of me. I sent a twitpic but I took it down quickly, so then he wanted me to get out of my bed at three in the morning just to take a picture for him, with the date showing. Yeah right, listen I’ve explained so many times and people still don’t get it so I’ll say it like this. I have seen colleagues lose an opportunity on a $100k commission because the client didn’t like what was on their Facebook or Myspace page. When you are working with millionaires and sometimes billionaires they want to know they can trust you and that you are a professional. That being said I don’t owe it to anyone to put myself and my livelihood out there like that. This guy got upset about it because he thought I was a man. Ok, think what you want I could careless, but I think I took it too far because I thought it was funny, I thought ‘this guy can’t be seriously upset about me not posting my picture.’

Look, we are never going to meet, we don’t even roll in the same type of circle and we live in different states and on top of all that I have a man and although I do flirt a lot, too much, I love my man and we have a great relationship. Anywho, while I thought this was all harmless fun I was cracking up while I’m sending him my responses to his tweets and vice versa. So I’m like “oh, I’ll call you or call me, we’ll hang out when you come to Denver,” yeah right like that was going to happen. This is where it turns ugly on his part and I realize that this guy is pissed. It’s still funny to me though, hahahaha! So he’s like “I Googled you, no picture on your Facebook page or your blog you are shady” and all this crazy madness. Why the hell would you Google somebody that you are exchanging tweets with?????? After he peaced me out by saying he didn’t like fake people, I peaced his ass right back. Nina Monroe, for the last time people, is a blog she is not, I repeat, not a real person. I am not a professional blogger so I don’t have to post my picture. The person behind the blog is a professional WOMAN (Corporate Event Planner and Coordinator) who blogs as a hobby. I will never post my picture because I like making my $100k commissions, lol. Y’all know how much big business pays for their company retreats, y’all watch CNN I hope. You think I’m going to give that up because some dehydrated a$$ dude wants to see a picture of me, even if I had my picture up I would never date anyone I met on twitter or myspace or any of that shit. Its harmless flirting all in good fun but if you get all pissy about it that’s on you. Don’t be desperate it is soooooo not attractive!!!!

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