Monday, October 26, 2009

Why Are We Always Putting Each Other Down?

It is a little disheartening to see people always putting each other down or trying to throw salt. I hate to bring any negativity to my blog but I just have to say when you hear about people putting a peer down, someone in their very own industry and of the same ethnicity for no reason at all it kinda takes the wind out of you. I think that people should be supportive of one another, especially us minorities because it is hard to look out and see a proper representation of ourselves in the movies or on television but to criticize someone publicly who is putting those faces in films and on television is beyond me. When are the black on black beefs going to stop in all aspects, I hate it and we should take pride in everything positive that we do and we should uplift one another. If you have a beef with someone and what they are doing, take a meeting with that person and do that behind closed doors! Enough is enough stop hatin', you know who I am talking to no need to name drop.

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