Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do Men Prefer Beauty, Personality, Or Both???

My friend and I got into a discussion about how a man will see a beautiful woman and automatically want to spend time with her based on her appearance. I was arguing with her saying that men get stuck with beautiful vapid women because they fall in love with how beautiful the women is and they could careless about her personality. She argues that not all beautiful women are vapid and she used us as examples, she is quite beautiful but I won't sit here and say oh I'm so beautiful but I have been told all my life how beautiful or pretty I am. I never have put stock in that because I have known so many beautiful women who have absolutely no personality. I then proceeded to argue that men prefer beauty and vapid over beauty and great personality and intelligence. I asked my friend if she thought my personality attracts people to me or if my looks attract people to me, she said initially people are attracted to looks but if that is all I had to offer I would find myself to be a very beautiful and lonely person. I said no way because men go for beauty and no personality. I think that most people, and by people I mean men, are friends with me because of how I look. My girlfriends on the other hand are friends with me because of my personality. But I am still curious as to why men continue to marry the beauty with no personality or soul over the beauty that has it all???????


Anonymous said...

I have dated both and I think that if you have a decent looking woman with an amazing personality that goes the distance.

longge said...

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