Monday, August 22, 2011

Open Letter to Bloggers, Bow Wow and Romeo are not Comparable

I was reading one of the blogs this morning and they decided that they were going to compare the careers of Bow Wow and Romeo.  Just because two kids grow up in an industry as artist doesn't mean they are alike in any way.  These are two completely different men who had two completely different lives growing up.  Ok they both grew up rapping and acting but that's were the similarities end.  GOD made us all unique and we all think differently, so comparing people like cattle in never an option.  Who are any of us to judge these two, who obviously chose different paths to get to where they are today.  Their success is defined by them, not us.  It is absolutely disgusting for people to compare others in such an obvious attempt to prove one is better than the other.  People should never be looked at as better than but different from one another.  These two have done a great job of transitioning from child stars and they did it in two very different ways.  GOD bless them both and we wish them both continued success!!

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