Thursday, September 20, 2012

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson, The Saga Ends???

I have contemplated coming out of retirement so many times but as I am a busy person and blogging in a positive manner has not been lucrative, I have restrained myself.  However, after seeing Evelyn Lozada on Iyanla "Fix My Life" I thought it would be necessary to speak my peace.  In my eyes Evelyn is a beautiful woman who doesn't know her worth for whatever reasons.  She has fans who love her and I believe she made the right decision by walking away from her marriage.  Although I do believe she and Chad loved each other, she set the tone from the beginning allowing him to be who he was and not demanding he be better than who he was prior to meeting her.

While there is never an excuse for a man to put his hands on a woman no matter what, I think they should have both known better.  No matter your circumstance growing up, we as adults know right from wrong.  So whether or not you had your mother there, your father there, or you grew up around abuse, we all know as adults what is right and what is wrong.  Your circumstance is never a reason to allow yourself to lower your standards.  Your circumstance is the reason you should have the highest of standards.  GOD gives us trials and tribulations so we will have a testimony, so everyone is put into our lives for a reason.

I say to Ms. Lozada continue to use your voice to encourage other women (and men) to escape their abusive circumstances.  I say to the world we have to help those who have been abused and the abusers at the same time.  If we just help the victims we leave the abuser to move on and continue a pattern but if we help all involved we are eradicating the epidemic of domestic violence.  I say to Chad, keep your head up, reach out to those welling to help with whatever issues you may have.  I suggest prayer and meditation, but I feel that you have a good heart and you will be stronger, wiser, and better than ever if you focus and get right.

I wish Chad and Evelyn well and I hope they both get the help they so lovingly deserve.  GOD Speed and be blessed.

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