Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ali Lohan May Need A New Manager

If you happened to catch the season finale of Living Lohan on E!, you would have seen Ali Lohan go on an audition for the remake of the movie Trolls. Unfortunately for Ali the director that auditioned her was Peter Davy, director of such adult flicks as Voodoo Lust and Dreams in the Forbidden Zone, reported Wednesday.

You would think that her momager Dina Lohan would have checked this guy out before she sent her daughter on an audition. As a mother you have to protect your child and as a manager you have to protect you client, looks like Dina failed at both jobs. Ali may want to hire a manager that does a little more fact checking. I think Dina is so anxious for her daughter to become a star that she forgets this is a fourteen year old child. I caught a few episodes of the show and in my opinion Ali Lohan is too much of a people pleaser and the entertainment business may eat her alive. If I was her mother I would try to steer her dreams in a new direction until she turns eighteen. You never want to crush you child's dreams but as a parent you should always protect your child and do what is right for them. Not every child is meant to be in the business even if that is what they want at the time. Open her up to some new experiences and not just what she saw her sister doing all her life. Just my opinion.

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