Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Camby Man Speaks!

So if you haven't noticed by now Ms. Nina is all things entertainment and being that basketball is one of my favorite forms of entertainment, I would be remiss if I didn't post highlights of Marcus Camby's press conference in regards to being traded to the Clippers by the Nuggets. All I can say is what in the hell are the Nuggets thinking, how can you trade your only defending player, the best in the league for something two years in the future. The Nuggets organization is screwed up, but I still love the players, I digress, here are excerpts from the press conference:

On his reaction to the trade...

"I still feel the same way. Denver was a place that my family and I really loved. It was the longest I’d ever been with one particular team in my career at six years. I gave them my all. On the court where I had great success - we had a little bit of team success, I had a little bit of great individual success. I think off the court I had an impact in that community, that’s so something I definitely look forward to doing out here in L.A. It came as a shock to me. I thought I had done everything possible that I could do with that team, and just tried to go about things the right way. I just thought the way they went about it was classless; they didn’t let me know anything. That’s a thing of the past right now, that’s something I put behind me and I’m looking forward to embarking on this journey."

On speaking with the Nuggets since the trade…

"I’ve talked to the players. I talked to Carmelo (Anthony), I talked to A.I. (Allen Iverson), I talked to Kenyon (Martin) and the rest of the guys. They were a little sad to see me go and definitely how things played out. Those guys will always be a part of my life as our careers go on different paths. Being together for so long, those guys are like brothers to me. So it’s kind of sad on how things ended up, but I wish nothing but those guys great individual success. Team success, I’m relying on the Clippers to take care of business."

The Nuggets are still my favorite team and I guess I will have to adopt the Clippers because Camby is one of My favorite players and he did a lot for the community here in Denver and he will be missed. The ladies will miss that bachelor pad, just kidding I don't want to get him in trouble with the wifey. I have some stories on some of the Nuggets players but Camby is a good guy and I wish him and his family all the best, much love Marcus Denver will miss you.

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