Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ms. Nina Says, 'You Gotta Love The Hate'

Here it is people you have to love it when someone is hatin' on you. It keeps your name in there mouth and out in the streets. All the celebs who get frustrated with people making up rumors or hatin' on them, don't sweat it just climb that ladder. As long as a person is successful in any way someone is always going to have something negative to say about that person. Remember haters keep your name visible because often times the bloggers or tabloids often write about the negative more so than the positive. So ya gotta just roll with it and be true to who you are no matter what.

I bring this up because I did a post for people to check out Danity Kane and Bow Wow's new videos that premiered on Friday. I just wanted everyone to check out the videos because to my knowledge we have not yet seen a true summer athem as in past years. So I was thinkning maybe one of the videos would be the athem that is so needed during the summer time. Danity Kane premiered Bad Girl featuring Missy Elliot and I liked it, I thought it was cute but it didn't stick with me but of course people went hard on them and hated it and called them manufactured stars and all the other ish. I like Danity Kane and I say get that money while you can, yall know how Diddy does things over at Bad Boy.

Then there was Bow Wow's Marco Polo featuring Soulja Boy. You know everybody and there momma had something to say about the deliciousness that is Bow Wow, my groupie crush. I liked the song but a friend of mine did not get the Marco Polo analogy, so she hated the song. But to me it's simple if you have ever played Marco Polo (it's the water version of tag) you would know exactly how it relates to the song. I don't have time to educate you all on analogies so look it up. Anywho, I'm a little old for Bow's music but I listen to whatever my children like as I have stated before because I want to make sure it is age appropriate. My kids love the song and they have officially made it their summer anthem and they play it all the time. They like it because it is fun and not heavy and they can dance to it. My kids love anything they can dance to, like yours truly. I think it's a catchy fun song and so let the hate continue because it's just more publicity for Mr. sexy himself. I know people are saying they thought that Bow wanted to go for a more grown up image with his music, but as he has stated before, he can't forget about the younger fans so he has to give music to both sides. You gotta appreciate him for taking the time to consider all his fans.

By the by, Bow has another video out Big Bank Take Little Bank featuring Swizz Beats and oh yes the hatin' continues. So here is yet another post in favor of Bow Wow from Ms. Nina, which I would have never done if not for all the hate goin' on, go on Bow with your fine self make that money baby!

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