Friday, August 1, 2008

Is Bow Wow Trading Music For Movies?

Bow Wow has said in an interview with MTV that he is ready to concentrate strictly on making movies. While his 7th album Pedigree is set to be released later this year, Bow is saying that he will likely do one more album and he is done.

"I have probably one more in me and that's eight. Like, I'm one [album] behind Nas, and that's crazy."

Bow Wow's much talked about guest appearance on the upcoming season of Entourage is just one of many acting roles he has coming in the near future. Bow Wow also talked to MTV about a sex scene he did for Entourage.

"I know the girls, they're going to go crazy when they see it," Bow Wow says. "I know when I look back at it, when I see it, I'm gonna be like, 'Damn! Look at this. This is crazy!' I stun myself sometimes."

Although Bow Wow said the scene felt natural, he was comfortable and it was normal for him, he couldn't remember the name of the woman he filmed the scene with. He did however remember that she was a porn star and she was "baaaad."

Go to MTVfor the complete story.

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