Friday, August 22, 2008

Where's The Beef?

While some sites have been reporting the online challenge and acceptance of a Madden 09 showdown between Bow Wow and The Game as a beef, it is merely a friendly competition. Bow Wow laid down the $100k challenge and The Game accepted. This has all taken place via some funny YouTube exchanges. So while we here in Denver will be hosting the DNC next week, New York will be hosting the showdown between Bow Wow and The Game. will sponsor the event and will have a live stream of the friendly game. It's good to see two hip hop artist that can have a little fun. It seems to be lately that all these rappers are trying to be the hardest thing since concrete and that ish is gettin' old. So this is a nice change of pace, y'all know Ms. Nina got her money on the sexiness that is Ms. Shad Moss.

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