Monday, December 15, 2008

Nina Monroe Says.....You Could Roll My A$$!

I visit so many different sites during the day I can't even keep track of how many blogs are out there right now but whenever I use something from another site I always do my best to give credit. If only all bloggers did the same it would be great! I know that I have post items before any other blogger has put them on their site and then I'll see exactly what I posted the next day on various sites. This is fine but in the wise words of one of my favorite bloggers Freddy O, 'if you are going to use my ish, the least you could do is give me credit, or blog roll me or something.' He didn't use those exact words but you get the jest.


Nina Monroe

By the by Freddy O is not only a blogger but he is a talented artist and photographer. Loves loves loves Freddy O!

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