Tuesday, January 13, 2009

T.I. Has A Documentary Coming Out On MTV

T.I. told y'all stankin' a$$es on the Howard Stern Show that his project with MTV is not a reality show it is a documentary. Y'all need to get it straight and keep it that way, just playin'. T.I.'s show is ROAD TO REDEMPTION: 45 DAYS TO GO and it will air on MTV beginning Tuesday, February 10th. The show will chronicle his life leading up to the day he has to turn himself in for his felony convictions last year. This is one person I hate see go to jail because he has turned himself around this year and has been doing so much for the community and it is just such a shame. All that sexiness, damn he is fine, going to jail for a year say it ain't so. T.I. has been around for years but I just became a fan this year and I am going to miss the hot piece that is T.I..

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