Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blame It On The Alcohol!!!

My girls and I went out last night and got Grey Goosed out! It was so crazy last night because we ended up at one of our male friends homes and I can't even tell you how we got there, I mean we had a designated driver so I know how we got there but dude is out of town so I guess the better question is how did we get in his house. He has a big azz mansion so we had a good time I can tell you that. I talked to him this morning and he didn't mind that we were in his house actin' a fool. Thanks babe!! So I am on my way home before this blizzard hits, it is crazy because it is barely snowing and I can't believe we are going to get as much snow as they are saying. This is Colorado so you just never know, we get more snow in the spring than we do in the winter. I hope we get hella snow because it has been so dry this winter we didn't get much snow at all and we need that moisture because Colorado is very dry in the summer time. Well enough about my boring little life, I am still drunk so blame it on the alcohol!

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