Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bow Wow Has These Girls Goin' Crazy!

I really do adore Bow Wow as an entertainer and I really respect the fact that he has been able to stay in the game this long, but I can't imagine behaving this way over anyone, maybe it's just me but WTH! These girls go hard for them some Bow Wow, this ish is sooooo crazy. Check out the link I borrowed from

If you didn't know Bow Wow is on the road promoting his upcoming album New Jack City Part II, which will be in stores on March 31st. There will be three versions of the album: one for the general audience to include a poster, a deluxe edition with CD and DVD and an exclusive WalMart edition with bonus tracks. Get that money Mr. Moss with your fine a$$.

Y'all know we support all artist over here at Nina Monroe Says so go get the album and don't be boot leggin' ish with y'alls stakin a$$es!

TEAM BOW WOW all day everyday!

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