Monday, March 30, 2009

In A Perfect World I Would Have Remembered!

I received a couple of emails about Keri Hilson's album release of In A Perfect World. I usually make sure I post about albums that are coming out from artist that I like but for some reason I didn't remember that the album was coming out so I didn't post about. I think I was distracted by the negativity that surrounded the Turning Me On Remix. While I am a fan of Keri's music I thought that was a little out of left field for her to do something like that. It just turned me off a little when I heard the remix because I think the ladies need to stick together and support each other, too much negativity ruins everything. But anyway if you don't have the album run out and get it, I just got my copy so I haven't listened to the entire album yet but so far so good!

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