Monday, May 18, 2009

Kanye West's Ego Is Sexy!!

Saturday my girls and I were having another one of our round table Grey Goose discussions and the topic of Kanye West and his ego came up. Listen why do people trip when Kanye professes he is the best. I mean how can you get mad because someone is telling you the truth. I have said in the past that I am not a hip-hop or rap aficionado but I do listen to the music and in my opinion Kanye West is almost the greatest rapper of all time. To me, myself and I he is only topped by Tupac (R.I.P).

I don't mind any of the stuff Kanye says about himself and I don't think it's about his ego at all, I think it's just about him being a genius at what he does and he can say whatever he likes. My girlfriends say that he goes a little overboard but they still love his music and we are all in agreement with the music, it speaks for itself. Can anyone honestly say Kanye is not the best rapper alive?? He is a lyrical poet and that is a rarity, the only other to ever exist was the late great Tupac (R.I.P). Y'all better respect Kanye's gangsta and stop actin' like he aint speaking the truth. Maybe all of what I said is true or maybe I am just obsessed with cocky egomaniacs, either way Kanye west is talented and sexy as hell, he may just be my new crush!

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