Monday, May 18, 2009

The Nuggets Will Face-Off Against The Lakers!

It was destined to be, the Nuggets will face the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. The series hasn't even begun and the sports world is already talking about the Lakers vs. Cavs. matchup for the Championship. Why are they still doubting the Nuggets, the Nuggets can beat the Lakers it's just a matter of them staying focused and playing defense. The Nuggets are a great team with amazing talent and the only time they get beat is when they beat themselves by losing their focus and composure. Unlike some teams in the NBA the Nuggets have more than one talented player carrying an entire team. So many of these guys are outstanding, from Carmelo "Mr. Clutch" Anthony to Nene, Martin, Smith, Andersen and the list goes on. But with the leadership of Chanucey "Mr. Big Shot" Billups, this team could very well go all the way. Doubters beware the Nuggets have come to play, "Can You Feel It?"

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