Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Win Is A Win

The Nuggets almost had it but for the Lakers a win is a win. The Lakers pulled it out with a 105 to 103 victory over the Nuggets. The game was a good one but we have all seen the Nuggets play better. As Kobe put it, he had to dig deep to help his team get the win, so what does that tell you. If the Nuggets can do better and Kobe was diggin' deep that tells you there is no reason why the Nuggets shouldn't win game 2. I know it is hard when you're playing on someone's battlefield but look, if the Nuggets make their free throws and keep the Lakers off the glass they have nothing to worry about on Thursday. Y'all better tune in because no matter the outcome these games are going to be good. Go Nuggets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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