Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bow Wow Was The Best She Ever Had?????

My cousin went to the concert at the Apollo on Saturday, I'm still pissed that she didn't take me, but I digress. Bow Wow was the headliner at the show, Day 26 performed and Unique opened the show. Now listen, I absolutely adore Bow Wow but my cousin is really and truly a Bow Wow Stalker, not in a crazy way, but she will fly all over the U.S. going to Bow Wow concerts, this chick is crazy. I love you Bow but I'll be damned I'm not doing that ish, I wanted to go to the concert in New York because I will be working the day Bow Wow and company come to Denver for Summer Jam. I took this trick to Vegas with me and she couldn't give me that extra ticket for NY. I'm not really that mad I love my cousin she is awesome and I hope she enjoyed herself. All that being said, I like Day 26 so I thought it would be a nice little vaca for me but no this trick left my a$$ at home, lol. She had the nerve to call me yesterday to let me know that Bow Wow was the best she ever had and that is all she had to say, now I'm assuming that she meant that the show was great because I don't think my cousin is a groupie but hey, ya never know?????? I've heard from a few people that the show was good and everybody did a great job so that's all that matters. I'm curious about this Unique guy so I am going to do some research on him and I'll let y'all know what I think.

Picture of Bow Wow Performing at the Apollo courtesy of Wireimage.

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