Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bow Wow Gets What He Wants!

I say it time and time again, I love Bow Wow and not just because he is sooooo sexy. There is no in between he has one of those personalities where you either love him or hate him. Mr. Moss set the urban blogs a blazin' when he posted pics of him and some unidentified women, or their hands rather, on his Twitter page. Some bloggers suggested that one of the hands belonged to a man, which is absolutely ridiculous. What heterosexual male would post a pic like that, that doesn't even make sense. Even if he was in the closet, which I highly doubt, there is no way a man would do that to himself. I wish some of the these bloggers would use common sense before they begin their hate filled ramblings. Anywho, if it is the case that as some bloggers suggest Bow Wow needs attention then he is getting exactly what he wants because we are all blogging about it. Nice PR work Mr. Moss and hey if you can get three women at once I say kudos. Listen I am not mad at anyone involved, that's some sexy ish. Loves it!!!!!

In posting this I have to ask the question why are all these bloggers going on Bow Wow's Twitter and watching his every move just so they can talk ish about him. Wouldn't your time be better served blogging about someone you were a fan of? I have had enough of these thirsty bloggers and they all post the exact same stories. Wow!

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