Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Miley Cyrus Please Stop!

In the past few days Miley Cyrus has stated that the Internet 'wastes your life' and Country Music is 'contrived' and all I can say is 'when is someone going to get her some media training, ASAP! I don't know if Ms. Miley realizes it but she is alienating people with some of the comments that she is making. Ok so she chose to leave Twitter last year, good for her if that is what she wanted to do but to say that it wastes you life and it's lame is kind of harsh. It wastes your life if you are addicted just as any other addiction would, but people are turning more and more to social media and the use of the Internet.

It is the wave of the future and any good business person can see that being in the entertainment business the Internet is a big plus. People aren't watch television anymore, they don't read the newspaper anymore, everything is online and that's were people (including your fans Miley) are, we are all online! Ok, fine you want privacy well you don't have give every little detail of your life, just keep your fans updated on things related to your business Ms. Miley, the business of entertaining your fans. So get back on Twitter and say hey to your fans and apologize for leaving them and let them know that you are currently promoting a movie and still sticking your foot in your mouth. You certainly don't tell them where your eating, or shopping, or how your scratching your ass, who does that???? Just give them the need to know, the business side that's it and that's all!

Now, on to calling Country Music contrived, I mean you could say that in some sense but if I were a singer would I ever say that out loud let alone in an interview, I think not she just offended some Country singers with that one. I love Country Music, it's like the Blues with a little bit of hot sauce added. Miley, Miley, Miley why do you say the things you say, I have to say for being as old as I am I used to be a Miley Cyrus fan but I don't know how I feel about her anymore.


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