Thursday, July 29, 2010

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Tried But Didn't Succeed

President Obama on "The View." (Credit: ABC)

Today President Barack Obama appeared on The View and while Elisabeth Hasselbeck tried to discredit him and basically call him a liar, her ill fated attempt was rebuffed by very true and real statements from the President. While I believe Elisabeth asked a very good question it was the way she asked it that bothered me. Elisabeth made the statement that the President use of the phrase 'Saved Jobs' was misleading because no jobs were being saved. If Elisabeth would ever take the time to do research or even educate herself a little she would know that anytime you keep an entire banking industry from crashing down with the economy you have saved jobs. Any time you make provision to keep the automotive industry from crashing with the economy you have saved jobs. When you keep teachers on payrolls and in the classroom, you have saved jobs.

I could go on and on all day, but the level of this woman's refusal to accept that this President has done some good things for this country dumbfounds me. Is she that much of a Republican that she is wiling to go to any length to discredit the sitting President? I didn't hear any of this discontent during the Bush Administration, Republican or Democrat you have to say when wrong is wrong and right is right no matter who is in office. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think anyone is going to agree with any President 100% of the time but be fair about it. To me Elisabeth is one of the most closed minded people on television. She is self-righteous, she thinks she is always right and she is essentially a hypocrite. Republicans could be setting people on fire and she would say nothing, let a Democrat j-walk and she would be ready to lynch 'em. When is The View going to replace her, I can't with her anymore. Her regurgitation of Fox News makes me want to stab myself in the ears repeatedly.

Sorry for the negativity today but I had to vent. Now back to more positive issues!


Anonymous said...

is she racist,opionated,self obsorbed or a bitch (all of the above).

Anonymous said...

I Think Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a bitch;I can't wait for her to be replaced.


Fed up

Anonymous said...

You're entitled to your opinion! She has the fortitude to stand up for what she believes. I, for one, applaud her for it!!! I think she, of all of them, should stay. Joy, on the other hand, could go.

Nina Monroe said...

If you read the post you know that I support her having an opinion but it is the way she talks to people that she doesn't agree with that I find disgusting. She is a hypocrite on so many levels and I think she should just talk to people like we all deserve to be spoken to, with a little respect whether we agree with one another or not. And that's my opinion!


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