Friday, May 24, 2013

Has Amanda Bynes Hit Bottom?

In the last year or so it seems Amanda Bynes has been on a downward spiral.  But what happened, how did she get to this point?  Ms. Bynes was once considered one of the few child stars to survive the curse but now things have turned upside down.  Or have they?  While everyone seems to think Ms. Bynes is out of control and surely needs help, we here at Nina Monroe Says thinks its all an act.

At least we would hope so, we don't want to see anyone ruin their lives over drugs or go untreated if they have mental health issues.  We really hope this is all just a ploy to get attention.  We don't want to speak ill of anyone but the things Ms. Bynes is doing are way too obvious and becoming way too frequent.  Whatever the case may be all the attention in the world isn't worth ruining your reputation and hopefully Ms. Bynes will pull herself together quickly!

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