Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Celebs Should Choose Their HealthCare Providers Wisely

According to the Associated Press, More than 120 workers at a Los Angeles hospital looked at celebrities’ medical records and other personal information without permission between January 2004 and June 2006 — nearly double the number initially reported earlier this year, according to a state report.

The report, released Monday by the California Department of Public Health, also said three staffers at the UCLA Medical Center continued to look at the confidential records of a “well-known individual” after a crackdown of record-peeking in April. The state report didn’t release the name of that celebrity.

Although I think celebs give up some of their privacy when they become famous, there is never a reason for someone to invade your medical privacy. It is absolutely repulsive that anyone in the medical field would do something like this. I don't care how curious you are somethings are too private for public consumption. Many of these workers are going to face prosecution, as they should. I think invasion of medical privacy is a federal crime so these are serious charges that the workers face. Let that be a lesson to all health care professionals.

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