Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Uncle Luke Plays Daddy

If you didn't know Luther “Luke” Campbell formerly of 2 Live Crew has a reality show. 2 Live Crew was famous for some of the most raunchy, booty shaking, nude driven, porno riddled, music and videos in Hip Hop History. Luke's Parental Advisory premiered on VH1 last night. I thought it was a pretty good beginning, it showed Luke trying to keep his kids, mostly his son Luther Jr., on track in regards to sex and dating. It's funny because his son tried to throw it in his face that his dad is famous for his egregious lyrics and videos so he should be allowed some leniency in what he does and watches. Luke wasn't buying it, he told his son that he is an adult and the entertainment that he produces is for adults not children. 'You tell 'em Uncle Luke.' It's just comical to see that this man is not only a father who imposes values on his children but he is married, in the show they are still engaged, to a lady who is completely opposite of what you think he would end up with. I didn't think this would be a show I would like, but I think I will catch a few more episodes.

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