Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Megan Fox Was In Love With A Stripper

The beautiful Megan Fox has opened up to GQ magazine about her love affair with a stripper. Apparently Ms. Fox is not opposed to loving the opposite sex and she believes it is natural for people to be attracted to the opposite sex. Well looking at Ms. Megan Fox right now I feel a slight attraction because she is gorgeous. There are many women in the entertainment industry that when I see them I say "wow she is beautiful, I wouldn't mind hooking up with her if I were a guy." Could I really ever hookup with another woman, I don't think so just thinking about going below the waist just grosses me out. But to each his or her own, I don't oppose other people's choices in life. Megan is currently engaged to 90210 alum Brian Austin Green, who is very easy on the eyes as well.

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