Monday, January 12, 2009

A.I.'s Triumphant Return To Denver

Allen Iverson's return to Denver on Friday ended in a loss for the Nuggets, the Pistons won 93-90, mind you Melo is still out with a broken bone in his right hand. It was bitter sweet for Nuggets fans as Iverson received a standing ovation from the crowd before the game began. I love A.I. and I wish he was still here but Chauncey is a nice addition to the team so I guess you can't be mad at the trade.

Nonetheless, I got some great pics of me and A.I. and some of the guys from both teams to add to my collection. I was going to the post the pics but my partner ( I run an event planning service here in Colorado) said that I can't post the pics because it would be unprofessional since we do a lot of events for athletes and various people in the entertainment industry when they come to Denver, I decided she was right. I wish I could post all the pictures I have, none of them are compromising in any way, but I guess I'll keep it professional and keep posting pictures that other people have taken. How boring is that!

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