Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Kiss Is Worth A Thousand Words

My girlfriends and I were having this discussion about kissing on the first date. I don't believe in it but that is just me. Now days you can't go around kissing just anybody but my friend makes the argument that you have to kiss within the first few dates to know if the person is a good kisser because you don't want to go out with a bad kisser.

I am a kisser, I love to kiss and might I add I am very good at it but does kissing really make or break a potential relationship. For me I say yes, my friends and I all agreed that a bad kisser ruins any hope of getting to second base. I'm sorry but I can't be with a guy who can't kiss.

I remember going out with this guy in high school and I really liked him and he was sooooooo fine all the girls loved him, he was fine. We went out for like two weeks before I even kissed him and when I did it was over. I feel bad about the fact that I broke up with him over the kissing thing because he was so sweet. Right after our first kiss he took me to his house to meet his mom, how crazy is that. When I got home I called my best friend and told her, 'girl he is fine but he can't kiss.' I had to break up with him. It was sad cuz I actually did something to make him break up with me so I didn't have to break up with him. I know I broke his heart because he really liked me and til this day when he sees me he gives me the evil eye and I feel soooo bad.

Hey a kiss is worth a thousand words and if you can't kiss you can't get anywhere with me. Tonight we will be discussing what makes a guy a great kisser, I'll let you know what my girls say tomorrow. In the meantime work on those kissing skills, LOL!!!!

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