Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

As the world mourns an Icon, the greatest performer of our time, I reflect back on a post I made on March 16, 2009 just after Michael sold out 50 shows at O2 Arena. I cannot say it enough this man was an amazing performer and I am so grateful that I was able to see him live in my lifetime. I am heartbroken that the younger generation will not get to experience that genius, he was pure magic when he performed. I grew up with his music, Off The Wall came out when I was five years old and I remember dancing my butt off and every time Michael put out an album from that time forward I had to have it. My parents had all the Jackson 5 albums so when I tell you I grew up on his music that is what I mean.

Just to see him in concert was the most amazing concert I have ever witnessed and I will cherish that memory. Genius is always misunderstood and Michael had was genius, he was a visionary, an artist, a dancer, a singer he revolutionized the music video, he did things with the music video that artist in this day and time cannot top, can't even come close to. His dancing was effortless, seamless, amazing and full of moves that the best dancers today still can't perfect (the moon walk)! He was the King of Pop, the King of Dance and the King of making outstanding music videos.

Remember the Wiz, Remember the Pepsi commercials, Remember that Superbowl performance, Remember the 750million records sold world wide, Remember the 13 grammys, Remember Thriller, the best selling record of all time, Remember the Jackson 5, Remember the first time he did the moon walk, Remember the Guinness Book of World Records, Remember the 45 years of musical genius. There is so much to remember and he will live forever. I feel as though he was someone I knew and I never had a chance to meet him but nonetheless I feel as though I have known him all my life and I am truly saddened by his death.

You better believe the albums are selling like crazy right now! Michael Jackson was Excellence, a Genius, a Phenom, a Superstar, an ICON! His musical talents will be missed by his millions of fans all over the world and I am one of those fans. They say he was on the verge of a comeback with the sold out shows at O2 Arena, I say when you can sell out 50 shows in a matter of a couple of hours, estimated to be about 750,000 tickets in a couple hours, you don't call that a comeback, you call that he never left.

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